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Campground and beach situated by the lake Champlain


Camping Champlain

29, Avenue Venise Ouest
Venise-en-Québec,QC  J0J 2K0

Tel: 450 244-5317

Fax: 450 244-5317


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1. The recording is compulsory for all the people and all the vehicles.

2. The tenant makes a commitment to hold his location clean and to collect his waste and garbage of all kinds.

3. It is strictly forbidden to cut or to damage trees or branches on the campsite and in wood (zone of preservation).

4. The curfew is at 11 pm (The respect and the politeness are any time appropriate).

5. Barriers are closed between 11 pm and 8 am.

6. ** dogs are any time forbidden.

7. On no account Camping Champlain S.E.N.C. 2013 can be kept responsible for any damage caused in the goods of the tenant of some nature whether it is by fire, theft, damage caused by the temperature, the fall of tree or branches or any sembables events.

8. Camping Champlain S.E.N.C. 2003 can be kept on no account responsible for the damage or the wounds of some natures whether it is, caused or undergoes by the tenant, the members of their family or their guests on the campsite, the beach, the playground as well as all other public places of the campground.

9. The maximum speed on the campground is 5 km/h. Every careless driver will be expulsed.

10. Camping Champlain S.E.N.C 2003 reserves the right to expulse on a simple notice and without refund every tenant or group of camper which does not conform to the regulations of the campground or the beach or which will be considered unwanted by the direction of the campground.

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Policy of cancellation

When a reservation is made, the equivalent of one night non refundable is charged on your credit card. If you cancel, you then lose this amount which is non tranferable.



The reservations can only be made by telephone